Video sketch–The End of a Perfect Day

30 Mar

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 8.57.34 PM

I’ve been playing around a lot with digital copies home movies taken primarily by my great grandfather before and after World War II, mostly in Germany and Belgium. I have been really taken especially by the juxtaposition in post-war vacation footage, between footage of my Oma and her children (my grandfather and great aunt) hiking, kayaking, sightseeing etc., and scans of the bombed ruins of European cities, beginning to be rebuilt. Most jarring for me was the footage of sex workers posing for my great-grandfather’s video camera, amidst the rubble. I’ve been playing with that footage and this is what I came up with today:

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 9.03.53 PM


New Friendship Zine!

25 Mar

photo 1(3)

A lil comic I drew for a friend of mine is in a new friendship zine edited by Stranger Danger maven Heather! I just got it in the mail and it is so good. There are some serious heavy hitters in here including LB of Truckface and JC of Tributaries and also other zinesters whose names don’t combine to make my name.

photo 2(2)

I don’t think its up in the catalog yet over at Stranger Danger Distro but it will be soon!

–JB (who is totally swamped with grading and schoolwerk)

Submit to my Born in Flames fanzine!

24 Mar

Submit to “Who Killed Adelaide Norris?: A Born in Flames Fanzine”
Deadline: May 1st
Submissions: Basically anything you can print in a black and white zine at 5.5″x8.5″, fanfic is cool, outpourings of love are great, art is amazing, critiques are good, academish stuff is okay.
Send to:

Make my dreams come true!


Selfie Control at The New Inquiry

17 Mar


My new piece for The New Inquiry is up online now! It’s pretty exciting to me, since its my first single-author feature piece.

Here’s an excerpt:

The rise of the selfie coincides with revelations of mass surveillance: We have all started taking more photos of ourselves as we’ve become subjects to the government’s massive recording apparatuses. Being photographed and monitored constantly, whether by friends’ cell phones or the NSA, is shattering already unstable subject positions around the photograph, not to mention the value of differentiating between public and private space. Domestic wiretaps and corporate targeted marketing is accompanied by the increasing use of biometrics in security cameras and social media alike. The technology that makes the selfie possible is also the technology that makes mass surveillance simple.


My Rutgers Summer Class!

10 Mar


If you are or know an undergrad or a high school student who wants to take a summer class that will fulfill a necessary credit while talking about and doing all kinds of fun and important things, I’m really excited about teaching this course this summer!


Sabina Spielrein, psychoanalyst werewolf.

2 Mar


For folks who couldn’t make it to the NYC Feminist Zinefest yesterday, here is the new in-progress work I showed and spoke about (this is just a photo of the original)! I am interested in Sabina Spielrein on many levels (histories of psychoanalysis, hysteria and madness, women in the archive, Eastern European Jewry, the Holocaust etc.), one of which being the fact that she was OBVIOUSLY a werewolf. More on this (and more Sabina comix) in the next issue of The Sinew That Shrinks, which will be available at the Brooklyn Zinefest in April. Also, my primary reference text for this comic was Avery Gordon’s Ghostly Matters.


Oh yeah! Doykeit #2 is here!

21 Feb


It’s a doozy. You can get it on Storenvy or pick it up at the New York Feminist Zinefest next week! I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship between decolonizing Palestine and decolonizing Judaism (see this excellent and thought-provoking piece from Heike Schotten and the other pieces in that series) and I am grateful to all the contributors to this issue for participating in these kinds of conversations, and writing some beautiful pieces!



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