Watch out for them man tunnels…

26 Dec

watch out

Drew this to send to someone who requested a comic…liked it so I decided to cheat and scan it before I mailed it off. 

In other news, for my birthday I got “Dreams of a Rarebit Fiend” by Winsor McCay and “What It Is” by Lynda Barry.  I really like McCay, I saw the film version of “Little Nemo’s Adventures in Slumberland” when I was a kid and just recently rediscovered his work on Boing-Boing.  I like it because his art is simple but gorgeous and has a kind of art-deco feel to it, and the storylines are absurd and a little bit dirty.  Lynda Barry of course  is one of the greats, and one of my favorites.  I wouldn’t reccomend “What It Is” as a starter in her work, it’s almost a little too much for me, heavy on the collages and largely done on legal pad paper, a little overwhelming and also very much about inspiring the reader to create, which it does.  As a starter I would reccomend “The Greatest of Marlys” or “One Hundred Demons.”  The first Barry book I read was “Cruddy,” which is a super-dark illustrated novel about the only survivor of a gruesome desert massacre.  I stole it from a used book store and it was amazing.  But I’ve totally paid for all the books of hers I’ve gotten since, because it’s worth supporting someone as cool as Lynda Barry.  I got to meet her for a brief moment at a panel she did in DC with Alison Bechdel and Chris Ware, and she asked me if I was a writer.  I told her I was (awkward nerd moment) and she told me she could tell!  Was it the unmatching clothes or the clear social anxiety?  Anyway, she signed my copy of 100 Demons “Keep Writing” and drew her signature little monkey.  It was one of those moments.  “What It Is” is kind of like that moment–a reminder to keep on. 

Also, a major loss today in the death of Eartha Kitt, only the sultriest, sexiest singer probably ever.  She did what she wanted and took no prisoners.  We’ll miss you, Miss Kitt. 

Jenna B.


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