Swamped with finals…

17 May

But managed to read Howard Cruse’s Stuck Rubber Baby, Roberta Gregory’s A Bitch Is Born, and the second issue of DMZ, DMZ: Body of a Journalist. I was somewhat underwhelmed by Bitchy Bitch, Gregory’s most famous character.  I like her autobiographical stuff way more.  Stuck Rubber Baby I had read before, but just got around to purchasing.  It’s an absolutely amazing graphic novel about a young (white) man “coming of age” in American South at the beginning of the civil rights movement.  He becomes involved in the movement, while simultaneously grappling with the knowledge that he is gay.  Cruse, who founded Gay Comix in 1980 is a great artist and a great writer.  It’s funny though, all of his characters are drawn with fairly masculine features–the women sort of look like the men, but with longer hair and boobs.  DMZ is a great series from Vertigo, which often puts out some real trash (see Scalped…and if you still don’t get it, this is a simple but effective argument as to why Scalped blows…plus the colors used to create a gritty atmosphere just make the art look shitty-muddy), but I think hit the nail on the head with this sweet series about a second civil war in the U.S., with Manhatten as no man’s land.  Told from the POV of a dumb kid intern who ends up getting stuck in the DMZ and morphing into a bad ass journalist, DMZ presents a pretty horrifying vision basically of what the U.S. would be like if the U.S. were Iraq post-invasion (if that makes sense).  It also presents a pretty sweet vision of the amazing things communities can do without stupid things like governments and capitalism standing in their way.  It probably could only be cooler if the protaganist was a girl.

It’s unclear why I’m still awake right now…I finished a page for this project I’m working on at like 3 am-ish, and now I’m waiting for my bro to come over to do work together.  Stupid.  I’ll post the page after I scan it.  Still don’t have photoshop, sucks.

Also, one of my poems got accepted to this lit mag called The Little Patuxent Review which I’m kind of psyched about.  I haven’t written poetry in ages and it’s kind of encouraging to get a publication.  Maybe I’ll start writing again.



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