27 May

Just finished moving the last of my hoarded treasures from the Liver Rot Lounge to my folks’ place in the boondocks.  I’ll miss the debauchery, but not the dirty dishes.  So finals+moving+obsessive reading=lack of updates.  In the past like three days I finished Other Voices, Other Rooms by Truman Capote and I’m almost finished Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo.  I also watched Born In Flames directed by Lizzie Borden for the bajillionth time, joined by my old partner in crime from the block, Erica Johnson.  I’ve also been obsessively reading this online comic DAR by Erika Moen, because it is amazing.

I’m leaving tomorrow evening for Chicago for the National Bash Back Convergence and let me assure you a full report back will be in order.

Also, I am starting to accept submissions for Sassyfrass #4, or the “Who Killed Adelaide Norris?” issue, set for publication in August 2009.  Comment if interested, or e-mail to jenna dot brager at gmail dot com.  I have no idea what my mailing address is going to be…I should probably get a P.O. Box.  But then, there are many things I should do, like actively distro my zine and not miss every deadline for everything.

Preach it sister.




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