This is all I’ve managed recently.

5 Jun

I’m not particularly happy with it. If I had photoshop I’d take out the “Wait, Stay.” in the first panel and the second text box that reads “It’s hard to explain” in the last panel. I drew this during the Bash Back Caucus report back. I’ll have a comixxx-style report back of my own soon, hopefully. I’m absurdly busy this summer working at Girl Scout camp doing Sports of all things. I’m also hopefully doing a three panel strip once a week for the Diamondback, which means my Saturdays off are going to be at least part spent drawing/ scanning.


In early BB news, I was lucky to meet, live and in-person, Simon Strikeback of Actor Slash Model, who I have been communicating with in regards to his sweet zine, Bound to Struggle. We didn’t make out or anything juicy (gosh guys, you are so pervy, all you want to hear about is making out), but I think it’s pretty sweet to meet people that you know through the ephemera of zine culture. Our meeting was sort of like “You have a voice!” and “You have a face!” and then we hugged and went to the Pause cafe where Actor Slash Model played a sweet show with Annah and Adhamh Roland, another friend I was psyched to see. I also ate some chocolate zucchini bread. BANGIN’.




Okay, I hope this is coherent…I’m getting over a BB cold and also recovering from being trampled by bros at the Gogol Brodello show this evening. I also went to McDonalds about two hours ago. Arteries…clogging…morals…wilting…life…fail.

jenna b.


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