30 Nov

over thanksgiving break i stopped by atomic books and picked up list #13.

for folks who aren’t familiar with list, it is an amazing zine by the amazing ramsey beyer, most recently of chicago. i met ramsey when my friend patrick moved into frisby house with her, and have been following list for the past couple of issues–list is awesome because it is a perzine built around lists of things, and ramsey’s gorgeous illustrations. it also features guest lists (i even had a submission in number 12, featuring a list of things i have conflicted relationships with) and in the past, found lists. i have always been impressed by how beautiful ramsey’s zines are; she is a great artist and puts a lot of thought and effort into putting her zine together. admittedly i sometimes have a hard time relating to what ramsey writes about–particularly being a productive human being, straightedge and other healthy choices, and boys–but a zine this solid is wholly capable of breaking me out of my habit of only reading zines that are basically about my life. list #13 is about moving to chicago and adjusting to a new city while going through a break up. you can pick it up off etsy for 4 bucks. which is totally reasonable since list #13 is a whopping 66 pages, half-sized, with a cardstock cover. you can contact ramsey at everydaypants [at] gmail [dot] com.

also, when i got back from my folks, i had a package in the mail from Adelaide (Dee) Doris Windsome, who incidentally is featured in sassyfrass circus #4. Dee sent me two zines, Penelope A Transexual Fairy Tale and The Drowning Mermaid.

Penelope starts with an introduction in which Dee writes, “Penelope is inspired by the ridiculous and offensive stereotypes befallen onto transgender women and other trans and gender non-conforming folk. From the fear and fetishization of our bodies to the degradation of our unique experiences, this fairy tale is an endearing parody, or a whimsical reclamation, though likely both.” Penelope is a totally weird fairy tale in the best way possible, 36 pages, half-sized, photocopied & hand-sewed with pink thread, with beautiful illustrations. i don’t want to give the story away, so y’all should really get a hold of a copy. visit Dee’s website or e-mail her at stitchingtentacles [at] gmail [dot] com.

The Drowning Mermaid is 24 pages, half-sized, photocopied and hand-sewn with green thread. there is a cool strip of paper sewn to it that looks like it might have been intentionally stained with coffee but could be something totally different. The Drowning Mermaid is part of Dee’s Hear Them Howling series, “fables and stories on the ever transitioning body and mind. It advocates that language around mental health needs (at times) to be cryptic, dwell in the macabre, and never shy from whimsy.” this zine also has some beautiful illustrations but the real catch is in the quality of the prose, which is, let me tell you, stellar. can you tell that i absolutely love Dee’s work? Adelaide Windsome, i have a giant art-crush on you.

❤ j.bee

p.s. read amber of culture slut‘s review of sassyfrass circus #4 and other sweet zines here! thanks amber! ❤


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