snow day zine day!

6 Dec

I got a couple zines in the mail from ocean capewell just in time to spend a snowy Saturday in bed reading. My room is really cold so it’s hard to motivate myself to get out from under this sweet electric blanket.

High on Burning Photographs #3 deals with grief, losing friends and the process of mourning. the zine also features a list of amazing characters ocean has encountered on the streets and in the laundromats of pittsburgh (also a page distinguishing between philly and pittsburgh, which i admit i have failed to do at least once. FAIL.) , and some amazing victorian clip art. this zine is really great to have around when you’re feeling crazy and missing friends who are gone. It has also sort of inspired me to want to make a zine about my grandmother, who recently passed away. She was really important to me and died from emphysema. We had a memorial service for her but I didn’t really get a chance to talk about the things I really loved about her or the frustrations I had about our relationship. Anyway…High on Burning Photographs #3 is half-sized, 20 pages black & white photocopy and you can get it from ocean (and you should).

High on Burning Photographs #4 is about healing and positivity, “growing up,” loving tough girls, sobriety, “voluntary singlehood” (and approaching relationships in a healthy way), ways in which ACT-UP infiltrated ocean’s adolescence, and major Pittsburgh love. I have never been to Pittsburgh, but I kind of want to go now. Hey ocean, if I come to Pittsburgh, will you entertain me? The zine is half-sized, 23 pages black & white photocopy, and costs $1 (well-concealed by USPS), postage or trade, from ocean.

I also just received a beautiful mix tape from bernard? which makes me sad that my car no longer has a tape deck. I think I have one somewhere at my folks house, but in the meantime I am contenting myself with the materiality of the tape itself, and the amazing i-am-loved feeling that comes with someone taking the time to make something just for you.

Also, Milo just posted Sass!, a mini-zine I made a while back, up on QZAP. It’s kind of embarrassing because I made it while drunk, with a busted pen nib, but that’s okay it’s funny. Also I just read this zine called GenderFuckMe which I really enjoyed, y’all should check it out.

Back to drawing Bearded Ladies…
❤ j.bee

p.s. a sweet blog post on femme (in)visibility.


One Response to “snow day zine day!”

  1. agingriotgrrrl December 9, 2009 at 5:50 pm #

    huzzah! i’m glad that you got, and enjoyed, my zines. i liked yr zine a lot too. and if you’re ever in the burgh i would be happy to entertain you! pgh is full of entertaining things. you’d be surprised.

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