One of the things I did in Chile…

31 Jan

…was to work on this amazing mosaic project with a local artist (Cristian Pavez Herera) and school kids in Valparaiso, to decorate the front of la escuela “Republica de Bolivia”. Here are some pictures gleaned from Facebook!

Going over the design idea with Cristian and my incomparable friend and teacher Vivianne Salgado.

Laying out the design on plywood in chalk first.

Working on the actual mosaic was so much fun!

Finished mosaic on the wall!

The inauguration, with Cristian, Vivianne, my amiga Betsabe, school admin and students.

Most of the University of Maryland crew.

Famous in Valpo! Special thanks to my agent. 😉

For more pictures of the project and the week spent in Valparaiso with our amigos, check out Silvia Molina’s Flickr set.

Hope folks in my region are enjoying the fast-melting snow.



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