‘Cause you’re a criminal as long as you’re mine.

2 Feb

Today I got this e-mail from someone who works at the University of Maryland:

I loved your editorial cartoon today! But here’s the real question: is it a take-off on Twilight? The diamonds on “Obama” … “I don’t want to be friends…” My friend and I at work here are having this debate. LOL!!!!

Keep up the good work…..”

While a “Twilight” inspired cartoon would probably be a hilarious way to explore bipartisanship and the “romance” between Obama’s White House and Congress Republicans, today’s cartoon was in fact inspired by Lady Gaga.

In other news I am putting together Femme a Barbe and also working on my thesis, a conference paper, and my submission for QZAP:meta. So you know, things aren’t TOO crazy.

Hope you’re staying warm and getting laid,


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