Zines in the Mail/ Chile Earthquake

28 Feb

Chile got hit by a massive earthquake this morning…I’m pretty sure that everyone I know is safe but it’s a really bad situation, and I’m not sure about the kids in Valpo… If folks know of ways that are not crappy Red Cross-type things that we can do to help, please post and spread the word.

In better news, yesterday I got a major package of zines from Jackie Wang that totally made my life, including On Being Hard Femme #1, Memoirs of a Queer Hapa #1 & Memoirs of a Queer Hapa #2, The Adventures of Loneberry, and We Are Good Enough #2-6.

My friend Lane had showed me On Being Hard Femme this summer, but I am super excited to have my own copy and experience that bizarre hometown pride that happens when a traveler stops in your city and writes a zine there. I just finished reading The Adventures of Loneberry and I think I’m going to pause on the zines because I have too much work and also you never want to rush something this good. Jackie has definitely joined the ranks of favorite zinesters ever, I love her writing and what she talks about. The Adventures of Loneberry is mostly tales of traveling all over for a summer, including going to Baltimore 3 times and hanging out with folks I know and love, which was exciting to read about, even though it made me wish I had been around this summer to meet her (although we eventually did meet and had hot tub times and she is awesome). Jackie writes, “This zine is about being a little person in the world and feeling fucking big-huge, even. Part tales of wild journeys, part critical reflections on being a queer mixed-race womyn lone traveler. It’s about crushes. And letters. And shitting on the idea that adventure is a white boy thing.” Jackie, move to Baltimore soon. I want to hang out and talk about femme identity and polyamory and school and avocados or whatever.

I also got Bound to Struggle Volume 4: Desire in the mail from Simon Strikeback. Which includes two pages from my sketchbook among a host of cool things. Here’s one of ’em:

I really loved kit wilson-yang’s piece “desired location” which is sexy and emotionally salient and about gender and wearing “girl” clothes and becoming brave. So good. I also loved Gina de Vries’s (?) piece because it was super sexy. I think of all the issues of Bound to Struggle this one is actually the least epically kinky and epically radical, but it is adorable and sexy. I wish Simon would switch the cover up sometimes but that’s just me.
Bound to Struggle Vol. 4 is 43 pages, photocopied half-size and includes a whole bunch of contributors talking about desire. Kinky, politically-infused desire. It costs 5$ for U.S. folks and 6$ for out of U.S. folks, and can be ordered by e-mailing Simon at s.strikeback [at] gmail.com.

I was supposed to go to a Purim party in Baltimore tonight but then I got depressed and decided to stay home. I’m sort of regretting it but I think I’m going to clean my room. Tomorrow at some point I am going to Red Emma’s to drop off some issues of Femme a Barbe, so if anyone wants to drink coffee with me I would love to see beautiful Baltimore faces.

❤ j.bee


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