More from nerd camp.

12 Jul

Besides the fact that one of my students sung “Bohemian Rhapsody” at the camp talent show and that we had a Medieval Carnival at which the GNOV instructor, Lynn, was carted away for having the Plague, we’ve got one week to go. One college level paper on Maus down, one zine project down, halfway through the second paper and just started the final graphic project: a twenty to thirty panel comic with a narrative structure and a well-developed central character, which demonstrates various techniques or principles from Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics. Not for the weak of heart. Also I discovered that the Lafayette library lets CTY staff check stuff out (well, actually got my lazy ass around to going), so I got Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo and also the movie based on the comics, as well as David Boring by Daniel Clowes, Will Eisner’s Contract With God trilogy, and Logicomix by some dudes with Greek names. Although I am clearly more interested in Bertrand Russell’s lurid personal life than set theory, I have become a little obsessed with Ludwig Wittgenstein, although mostly because of Derek Jarman. Hey how about some picshurs, eh?

Some more mini-comics from my students:

The first two pages of “Eclipse” in which my student Alex imagines that I sneak her out of camp to go see the new Twilight movie. Which I think is fairly reasonable:

Hilarity ensues:

First two pages of another mini-comic I did:

“Selling” zines at the Carnival. [I’m not supposed to post pictures of students which is why there are no faces.]

Another zine-selling sign that hilariously has planet Earth saying “Hi, buy me!” which I think is actually a reference to buying zines, not actually buying the planet:

One of my students selling caricatures:

Warning: Cartoon-y.

Almost time to pass out…today I wrote like three letters which I am putting in the mail with mini-zines. I have been a bad pen pal but I am trying to be better.

❤ jb.


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