I am not a domestic diva.

28 Jul

Although my mother is like the less bougie version of Martha Stewart, the closest I get to domesticity is… not very close.
So when I make dinner and it tastes fucking great, I feel pretty proud of myself. Especially when it doesn’t simply involve putting meat in a pan and then eating it using only my hands and teeth. Which, lets be real, is usually how I prefer to eat.

So what’s going on here is a portobello sandwich on seven grain bread with goat cheese, some rainbow chard cooked with onions and garlic and various spices, and oven-roasted eggplant thats got some olive oil, garlic and pepper on it. My boyfriend was equally responsible for this dish, and he usually cooks like I do (put it in a pan-style) so this was a high five moment.

Which I totally just bragged about on the internet. Also this post is dedicated to Ramsey of List and various other zine-friends who post their delicious creations on the internet all the time…I aspire to eat like you.


p.s. I am still taking submissions for Femme a Barbe 2 until Sunday, which incidentally is the day that I take the GREs. Make my August 1st less terrible and send me sweet submissions.


One Response to “I am not a domestic diva.”

  1. everydaypants July 29, 2010 at 11:51 am #

    thanks for a shout out =0) that definitely looks like something i’d eat! mmm

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