Doctor, it’s a sketchbook case.

31 Aug

Been too sleepy to draw. I like cutting things up though, it appeals to me.

Also, I haven’t been posting about mail or zines I get but today I got a letter from one of my favorite pen pals that was so pretty and good that I needed to take pictures of it. You know when you’re stressed out and you get mail that makes you feel better about life? Also, someone named Carly who has a radio show called Earful of Queer in Ontario made buttons of a line from Femme a Barbe and sent me some!

The button says “Tear Shit Down and Pour Glitter on the Ruins,” from F.A.B. Vol.1. Also, if there is to be a Vol. 2, I need funds, so if anyone wants to donate in exchange for art, you would be the hair hero of life. The hairo.

❤ j.b.


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