Rainy, humid days are the worst when you have to get out of bed.

27 Oct

Today is a grumpy hump day. But in the spirit of cheering myself and anyone else grumping who reads my blog, here is the most cheerful picture of my great grandfather, Benjamin Brandt Earhart.

And here is the most hilarious!

All of my other grandparents were recent Jewish immigrants–my dad’s grandparents came from Lithuania and my mom’s dad is from Germany, but the Earhart/Parker family is like old school Pennsylvanian.

My grandma is the sassy blonde kid in the first row on the far right. Her mom, Olive Gertrude Parker Earhart, is right behind her and Benjamin Earhart (looking more serious) is right behind her in the top row. The two blonde girls in that row who look very similar are my grandmother’s twin sisters, my Aunts Dorothy and Polly. (Click on the picture to make it way bigger)

Zine Updates:

Bastian Fox Phelan’s updated Femme a Barbe 2 submission, Ladybeard: a ‘transhairstorical’ story was published online by The Scavenger! Still buy the zine–you can get it from my Etsy or from The Alchemist’s Closet (and soon to be other distros as soon as I get my crap together)! I will also be tabling with it at the Milwaukee Zine Fest on November 13th.

❤ jb


One Response to “Rainy, humid days are the worst when you have to get out of bed.”

  1. julia October 27, 2010 at 6:19 pm #

    aw, these are the best!

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