Milwaukee Zine Fest Weekend Pt. 2

16 Nov

None of these pictures are actually from the actual zinefest. Haha!

(photo borrowed from faythe levine)

Nico and Eric model Zine Fest Weekend Pancake Brunch high fashion at Cream City Collectives.

Inside the arid boob-dome.

A brilliant host and chef in addition to being one hell of an archivist and zinester. That there are some squash and beet enchiladas. Hey Milo, where can I get that recipe?

I’ve never had so much fun with beets in my life.

If you thought that looked unnatural, this is what happens when you consume Taquis Fuego, complete with straight-up MSG.

Value Village Milwaukee. Gems.

So many new zines! I think I am going to have to put a zine box in the bathroom, otherwise I will never get to read them all.

This is why I come home, duh:

❤ jb

p.s. Fest bloggin:
Jami Sailor (Your Secretary)
Little Jamie (Things That Matter)
Random Person Who Took A Picture of My Table


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