Sometimes you have to scrap the whole thing and start over.

7 Mar

This comic could go in about a million directions…it’s still a choose your own adventure at this point. In other news, Thursday night I will be your popcorn wench at the first official D.C. Zinefest fundraiser at Video Americain. It’s free (zinesters suck at fundraising) so you should probably come. This Saturday I will be reppin’ at the Wingnut in Richmond. Also my friend Mal started a weird ass blog that I am somehow involved in.

❤ jb


One Response to “Sometimes you have to scrap the whole thing and start over.”

  1. mad madge March 11, 2011 at 6:34 pm #

    Did you seriously not get in anywhere or is this just an anxiety dream? I really can’t believe you didn’t get in anywhere if that is really the case. I’m sorry.

    Things are really messed up budget-wise in most of the state schools right now. And it is the non-money making departments that are suffering the most. If you really didn’t get in anywhere, it is probably because they had to limit who they let in if they anyone in at all. I’m not sure how much this helps.
    Thinking of you,

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