This is why we don’t have nice things (except for, you know, the sparkly dresses)

30 Mar

I started sketching this fuckery out after talking to Jami Sailor about the vagaries of appropriate fashion and the problem I have with wearing clothes, which is a direct result of the fact that a) i wear clothes until i either can’t get them over my ass or they literally fall apart and I can’t saw them back together b) when i do buy clothing, I am drawn like a magpie to anything glittery, sequined, shiny, and generally too tight. Stay tuned for tales of Janet-esque wardrobe malfunctions.

Also, I don’t really like how I draw using pigment liners or other fancy shmancy pens on my sketchbook paper (versus crows quill pen and india ink on bristol) but it’s kind of hard to break that stuff out anywhere but on my ink-splattered bed-desk.

Stay tuned for a Chicago Zinefest report back, coming soon to a Sassyfrass near you.



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