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1 Apr

Zinefest Best-dressed Beasties.

My favorite thing about zinefests is meeting people, and seeing people that I only see once or twice a year. Highlights include a beautiful reunion with Robyn of Not Yr Cister Press at Quimby’s bookstore, marked consipicuously by a photobooth session and intense discussion about the unlimited potential of yet-unwritten werewolf novels, every moment spent with my beautiful host Jami Sailor, the joy of seeing masses of familiar faces at Friday night’s reading or scurrying past my grumpy self at the expo on Saturday, watching Buffy with new friends and kittens, eating pizza for every meal and doing dramatic readings of zines that give props to Seventeen magazine for being racially diverse (that’s probably why I puked). I also had the chance to re-meet the fabulous Edie Fake (Gaylord Phoenix) and restock Quimby’s with my zines, so if you live in Chicago and didn’t make it to the Fest or couldn’t find me in the epic fuckery, they have some Sassyfrass, both issues of Femme a Barbe, and my new zine with Jami, Archiving the Underground.

Photo of Yours Truly by Amber Forrester.

After the reading on Friday I stood outside with Emilija (Ship of Fools), shivering in the stupid-cold Chicago spring, and I felt giddy with excitement at the ways in which our lives are changing and growing, at the moments we share with people we almost never see, that we know only through the mail. During the expo on Saturday, I laughed at the “Full Page Fuckery” and “Straight White Dude Zine” buttons Jami and LB made, and got to sit next to Georgi, who I met at the Milwaukee Zinefest this fall. I fell in love with Kathee’s zine Lake Effect and almost fell over laughing when someone pulled a zine that will teach you the lyrics to “On the first day of bleeding (my true love gave to me)” which, yes, is about menstruation and sung to the tune of “On the First Day of Christmas” from Jami’s zinester librarian tour fundraiser zine grab box.

Also you can watch the raw mostly-audio footage of our first ever “Archiving the Underground” workshop here, thanks to Amy Leigh of twelve-oh-two.

Soundtrack to this post provided by Dalice Malice:

Because it’s important to talk about having fun too,
❤ jb


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