7 Jul

–Sassyfrass Circus is in a pop-up library at Woman Made Gallery in Chicago as part of a show called “Underground” until August 18th. The other folks in the show are fucking great so you should go check it out, Midwestern types.

A review I wrote of American Pietas by Ruby C. Tapia is up on the New Inquiry! I wrote it before the verdict in the Casey Anthony case but I think it’s all still pretty applicable.

–This weekend is Clitfest! I am doing a workshop/discussion on Saturday, July 9th called “Do-It-Yourself Expression: Utilizing Zines and Blogs for the Creation and Distribution of Independent Media”. Hopefully it will not be too ridiculous. It’s from 1:45 – 3:15 at St. Stephen’s Church. Come tell me I’m wrong about things!

–Not only is Curmudgeon alive (and updating on Fridays!) we are also doing a donations drive, so that we can pay for things like hosting. No host, no Curmudgeon, sad face. Click on the “tip jar” to check out our cool thank you presents!

–In case you miss my random senseless fashion blogging:

fartorialist in park slope.

❤ jb


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