Call for Submissions: Sassyfrass Circus #8

7 Oct

After 7 issues of Sassyfrass Circus, I have decided that #8 is going to take the zine in a new direction—I am opening it up officially to submissions with a central issue theme of the cross sections of Jewish and queer identity, and how those identities might inform an anti-Zionist or Palestinian solidarity politic. Some organizing frames include the concept of “doykeit” or “hereness,” decolonization of Judaism, and experiences of queer identity as a Jew or in a Jewish context. Submissions should take the form of personal narrative, whatever mediums you want to use to express that. The issue will be ¼ size and black and white. Send submissions to Also I’m trying to get the issue out before the Philly Zinefest, so the deadline is November 4th!


Q: Do I need to be queer to submit?
A: Nope! If you’re interested in submitting to this zine you probably should.

Q: Are you a self-hating Jew?
A: Go back to AIPAC.


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