Building a community archive

24 Feb

A couch from Henry Rollins mother. A rug from Ian MacKaye’s father.
Several massive filling cabinets stuffed with nearly 30 years of fliers for punk shows, activist gatherings, self education workshops, and collective organizing. Hundreds of books, tapes, records, movies, and other relics of the illustrious DC punk and hard core scene. A veritable trove of history from our own community- our voices, our music, our actions. Positive Force is unearthing it’s basement, and we need your help to make it into something more.

We would like to this space (in our dear friend’s basement) transformed into an active community space. A lending library, a meeting space, a digital archive, a place where academics and young punks and anyone else can come to learn or just hang out. We envision open hours, and book clubs. But right now two things stand in our way:

1: The space needs physical help. Some touch ups to the wall sand ceilings. Some new bookshelves. Some cleaning, rearranging, and organizing. Some snazz, some fun.

2: The collection needs to be digitized. We want to be accessible. We want these things to live beyond their disintegrating life lines. We would love students, activists, and volunteers to join us in finding a way to do this.

We welcome any and all levels of help and support, from shelf builders to up-loaders to wall constructors to pile-organizers. We offer you all our wonderful treasures, our collaboration, enthusiasm, and support for whatever you might want to see happen!

Initial meeting: March 3, 1-5PM (feel free to only come for part of the time)

1-2 Envisioning
2-230 Next Steps
230-5 Clean and Toss and Shelve etc.

Email or message me for more information/ the address (it’s in Columbia Heights, near the metro/ St. Stephens Church).


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