Submit to Femme a Barbe #4–Deadline July 20th!

26 Jun

Make a spectacle of yourself. Join the Femme a Barbe insurgency!

Femme a Barbe is a zine for bearded ladies and other gender outlaws which seeks to use facial hair as an entry point to discuss issues of identity, embodiment, and resistance. For issue 4, we are calling for art and writing that speaks creatively to queer(ed) facial hair–growing it, removing it, whatever resonates with your experience. Hair, particularly in the “wrong” place on the “wrong” body, is politicized and demonized in gendered and racialized terms in cultural discourses and daily interactions. We seek to reclaim these conversations about our bodies, desires, and lives. [Note: The idea of using hair as an “entry point” implies that we hope submissions might go other places and incorporate other things!]

Some topics we have seen/ would love to see submissions on:
–“performing” beardedness
–facial hair and desire/ attraction/ relationships
–intersectional identities
–PCOS/ pathologization/ disability
–hair removal/ concealment
–politics of “passing”
etc. etc. etc.

All submissions must be:
5×8, Black and White or Grayscale
Written work should be under approx. 1500 words or, if you submit formatted zine pages, stick to about 5.
Images must be at least 350 dpi and JPEG
please send submissions to sassyfrasscircus [at] gmail [dot] com.

NOTE: This zine is titled Femme a Barbe because of the complicated disciplinary and liberating histories around the cultural figure of the “bearded lady,” but does not in any way limit who can and should submit to this zine. “We of the Femme A Barbe insurgency seek to reclaim the term and the symbol of the “Bearded Lady” for its transgressive potential, not as an identity, but as a weapon.” Past Femme a Barbe contributors represent many different genders and experiences, and we hope to continue to expand the topics and stories that the zine is able to capture.


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