Call for Submissions–Long Distance Zine!

13 Feb

I am seeking submissions of art and writing on the subject of long distance relationships, describing the funny, sad, and tender moments of having a partners or partners far away. This is not an “advice” zine, though pieces that incorporate advice will be considered. Submissions do not need to be about a current relationship or a currently long-distance relationship. I am particularly interested in questions of chosen or forced distance, queer(ed) relationships, Internet dating, membership in a globalized/ precariat labor force, ways of making contact across distance, the idea of “building a life,” struggles with immigration or across national borders, co-parenting across distance, and the different ways in which we create and sustain families and define “home.”

Please indicate the distance (for example, 500 miles) between you and your significant other(s) in the title or subtitle of your submission.

Due April 1st 


500-1,000 words preferred, please submit as a word document or in the body of an email.

Images must be black and white, 300+ dpi

Send submissions/ inquiries to


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