On asking for help

3 May

Dear Internet Community,

Everyday I am grateful for you, for the inspiration, support, and friendships I have found in you. Here, especially, I feel that I am a part of a creative community, and I am overwhelmed by the incredible work that I have access to and humbled by the opportunities and love that I am given, in small and large ways. As tacky as it sounds, I am grateful for every reblog, for every like, for every enthusiastic comment. I am excited by every zine trade, every art exchange, every amazing project that my friends dream up and make happen, through these networks we have built.

This summer I have an incredible fellowship opportunity to travel to Poland to do research that will both help solidify my doctoral research and will hopefully result in a visual multimedia piece, that explores memory formation and self-making through image and data capture technologies in the context of Holocaust tourism. I also have the opportunity to collaborate with the talented and singular playwright MJ Kaufman on a graphic novel project that I am bursting with excitement about, based on one of MJ’s extraordinary plays. I hope to also continue work on “Love, The Furies” and to continue putting out zines including Doykeit and the new Long-Distance zine.

In addition to needing to sustain myself while I embark on these many projects during this very busy summer, I am also realizing that I will need to obtain access to a wide variety of equipment and resources that include everything from pens and paper to train tickets for trips to archives to (dream big) a more functional computer. Being a grad student isn’t a very high paying gig (and during a non-teaching summer, a non-paying gig), and I have been feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the financial and logistical burdens I expect this summer to represent.

This is not a Kickstarter or a similar funding platform because I can’t provide you with a final product–this is research and development, exploration and potential. I am asking, if you read Sassyfrass Circus in all its guises, if more zines and writing and comics and workshops and new directions from me sound exciting to you, to consider donating any small amount to help make this possible. If you have access to any non-monetary donations/suggestions/loans that might help, this would also be greatly appreciated. These would include, most urgently, use of a large-format flatbed scanner (will travel within reason), at-home photoshop access, and a remote shutter release for a Canon Rebel T3.

I have created a donations button that links to paypal, which you can find in the right hand column of this blog as well as at the bottom of this post. I will be offering small tokens of gratitude for folks who are able to support this project, detailed below (so please include your address and requests when you fill out the paypal form)! I will be accepting donations and sending out rewards until I leave for Poland at the end of June.


1-5$ donations will receive a heartfelt thank you and link.
5-10$ donations will receive a handwritten thank you note and a set of 5 postcards (pictured above!). Also, I will follow you on twitter (see Melissa Joan Hart’s kickstarter campaign).
$11-20 donations will receive a a thank you note, set of postcards and a copy of my zine Doykeit (or request a different zine).
21-30$ donations will receive a small original drawing (requests are fine!) and a very heartfelt thank you.
31-50$ donations will receive a small original watercolor painting (requests are great!).
I will also discuss larger commissions for interested parties!


Thank you so much,
❤ JB


2 Responses to “On asking for help”

  1. Kathleen Thomas May 3, 2013 at 8:27 pm #

    I’ll help soon…..

    • sassyfrasscircus May 5, 2013 at 1:37 pm #

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