Long Distance Zine! Last call for submissions

24 Jun


This has been a summer of being on the road, of plans that don’t quite work out and things not going quite as planned. I’ve had to cancel my trip to the Portland Zine Symposium, which means that I don’t really have a particularly date by which summer zines need to be finished. With that in mind, you have the whole month of July to send me straggler submissions. The Long Distance zine will be assembled when I get back from Poland (Doykeit will be assembled sometime after that). I am especially still looking for visual submissions, pieces on co-parenting or being co-parented across distance, and dealing with immigration/ national borders. I would also take more submissions on digital or web-based relationships. Skype screenshots are acceptable submissions. I am not at this time interested in fiction pieces, and for written submissions in general, remember that specificity and focusing in on a particular event or situation makes for a better read, rather than narrating the entire history of a relationship. The original call for submissions is here: https://sassyfrasscircus.wordpress.com/2013/02/13/call-for-submissions-long-distance-zine/.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me their amazing submissions so far, hoping to return to an inbox full of awesome.
❤ jb


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