UMD Radical Rush

18 Sep

A few years back, while I was still ensconced in the hallowed, prison/military/educational industrial complex halls of the University of Maryland, I drew a couple little comics for a Disorientation Guide–basically a guide to all the super-cool things happening at UMD, like the food co-op and activist student organizations, and all the terrible things, like privatization and drones (See “Mactivism” and “Activist Burnout” here).

And every now and then (like now) I get a little “hey whats up” from awesome current UMD undergrads, asking to re-print one of the comics. So, for an almost 5 year old comic on activist burnout, some amazing up-to-date resources (UMD specific and otherwise), and possibly a really great project idea to recreate on your own campus, download this year’s Disorientation Guide!

I think I was more hilarious when I was a baby.



2 Responses to “UMD Radical Rush”

  1. sssybtch September 26, 2013 at 10:43 am #

    Child please, that was only a few years ago. You don’t go from baby to grown and sexy that quickly 😉


  1. UMD Disorientation Guide | Tyler Vile Kutner - September 18, 2013

    […] Here’s the Sassyfrass Circus piece, JB did us proud! […]

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