Season of the Witch

22 Nov

Started drawing some witches, here’s the first one:

night witch1
[Pen and ink on bristol board with beet-dyed paper and repurposed wrapping paper]

I love classic witch imagery because, as scholar Constance Classen has noted, “One of the horrors of witchcraft, in fact, was that it made use of the domestic instruments and practices that were intended to keep women safely at home to transgress the social or cosmic order. A pot might be used for cooking dinner or for brewing a spell, a needle might be used for sewing clothes or for piercing an effigy, a broom might be used for sweeping the floor or for flying out the window.”

Also, hares were the original familiar, way before cats made it in the scene. #toohipforcats



One Response to “Season of the Witch”

  1. alagarconniere November 22, 2013 at 3:57 pm #

    JAW-DROPPING. The beautiful artwork, and the mise-en-contexte. AMAZING!

    Although, as the owner of a black cat, I’m partial to those! 🙂

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