Maiden, Mother & Crone

12 Dec


I recently listened to the audiobook version of Neil Gaiman’s novel The Ocean at the End of the Lane, read by the author. I thought it was a fantastic story. It had similar resonances for me as The Neverending Story–the protagonist reminded me of Bastian Balthazar Bux, which is to say also, of myself as a child. It was both fantastically magical and terrifying, and had awesome descriptions of food, which is something I look for in literature (see Brian Jacques Redwall series). As usual, Gaiman did a wonderful job of weaving mythological and magical figures into contemporary settings and situations, and I especially loved the Hempstock family, Lettie, Ginnie, and Old Mrs. Hempstock–mysterious and ancient magical women in the maiden, mother and crone model of the triple goddess, whose powers include the ability to cut and stitch time, and who are also just strong and capable farm ladies. I really like them, and thus I really needed to ignore a massive pile of grading and some seminar papers to bust out some Gaiman fanart.

Teen nerd life forever,

p.s. the bottom part is shiny gold paint which is really shiny IRL. i wish it was shinier in the scan but take my word for it, it’s so shiny.


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