Not in Our Name: Against US Aid to the Massacre in Gaza

12 Jan

I drew this diary comic over the summer–some folks have seen it since it was in the collection from Sangría Editora, “Not in Our Name: Against US Aid to the Massacre in Gaza/Contra la ayuda de los Estados Unidos a la masacre en Gaza” (you can download the e-book for free at the link). In a rather indirect way, I am putting it online now because of the attacks on the satirical paper Charlie Hebdo–because I think their comics are racist and Islamophobic and I nevertheless support the right of journalists and critics and artists to produce whatever they feel like saying whether or not I agree. The best things I’ve read so far have been “Unmournable Bodies” by Teju Cole in the New Yorker, and this smart, pointedly offensive comic by Joe Sacco. Additionally, tons of folks are pointing out in blogs and on social media the ways in which so-called world leaders are rallying around the cry for freedom, liberty, free speech etc., often to recuperate their own violence against these very ideals. This also is a time to remember cartoonists around the world, particularly Arab and Muslim cartoonists, like Naji el-Ali, who have been targeted for their critique, or have been killed senselessly in the rippling violence that is loosely labelled the War on Terror.






3 Responses to “Not in Our Name: Against US Aid to the Massacre in Gaza”

  1. inyidishnvort January 19, 2015 at 9:14 am #

    Oy vey. While I relate to the shame & guilt you have felt about Israel’s war(s) on Gaza & ongoing occupation, you really, um, revel in it. Adopting an all-purpose Leftist perspective on *everything* from Israel to Charlie Hebdo means you have little ability, in your black & white drawings (and thinking??) to perceive nuance.
    And guess what —
    nuance is where we live.
    It doesn’t keep us from demonstrating, protesting, joining various organizations to carry on protest, & other forms of activism.
    But it *does* keep us from getting lost in, um, ridiculously one-sided perspectives.

    I can’t believe you mournfully say in your intro to the comic “think of all the Muslim/Arab [forgive me if I’m misquoting!!!!] comics who have been killed…. etc…. ”

    It’s not ALWAYS about Islamaphobia & occupation & etc.
    SOMETIMES it’s about Jews & just plain old cartoonists getting slaughtered by deluded young fanatics who’ve been trained to hate by militant Islamic fundamentalists.

    Of COURSE that is no reason to turn on all Muslims or (god forbid) assaul mosques in Paris (shudder).

    But just because there is injustice in France re: resident Muslims does NOT mean we should not upset & horrified & alarmed by what the Jihadists are accomplishing.

    Can the comic’s pen investigate nuance?

    PS The Holocaust did happen & as a result of that & many dominos following, Israel was founded. I too am ashamed of the years-long deadlock that followed Rabin’s assasination. I am not, however, ashamed that Israel emerged. It HAD TO.

  2. inyidishnvort January 19, 2015 at 9:14 am #

    I’ll be my comment is “awaiting moderation.” Wonder if it will get published?

    • sassyfrasscircus January 19, 2015 at 10:13 am #

      I’m not in the business of not approving non-spam comments! I’m sorry you’re upset by my comic or comments, but the point of this piece was that it was a diary comic–I say explicitly that I am not making a political argument, I am talking about how I was feeling at a particular moment. Also, I don’t think that I make any claim that remembering other cartoonists around the world prevents anyone from mourning the Charlie Hebdo victims. The Charlie Hebdo victims are getting plenty of attention, as is the new rise of European anti-semitism.

      while I have some disagreements with you about the historical need for the emergence of Israel, I agree with you that it did and I respect your opinion. however, it’s rather rude for you to sarcastically imply that I don’t believe in the Holocaust. I am a PhD studying the Holocaust and the grandchild of a survivor.

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