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A superhero commission from over the holidays!

6 Jan


I’ve mostly been working on #dayjob stuff these days (okay that is never not true lets be real), and an attempt at a longer project that may or may not come to fruition, BUT I couldn’t resist doing this Xmas present for a friend, because i never get to draw superheroes and it’s totally weird (so many strange muscles in all the places!), and also the couple that nerds together stays together.


Mendoza the Jew Review up on the LA Review of Books

27 Jun


This review just went up on the LA Review of books! So excited to get to read this great book and draw some weird sports art. Football helmets are confusing.


WANTED: A Journal of Desires

1 Dec

Drew this up for the cover of the new issue of WANTED: A Journal of Desires:


WANTED is a smut zine for incarcerated queers and other interested readers. So if you write smut or read smut and/or want to support folks in prison in a small and sexy way, get involved! Here’s all the info you need about this important and awesome zine project (adjust submission deadlines for actual last days of months):
Wanted Flyer

To order a copy or submit, email or mail B Gastropoda/PO BOX 1126/Asheville, NC/28802.


This witch eats the rich

24 Nov


Still drawing witches! Drew this one for a friend who wanted a punky witch with a black cat familiar. All my favorite witches are punk as fuck anyway.

Back to Constance Classen: “The poisonous reek of the witch was an intensified form of the foul odor attributed to women in general. The cold wetness of the female body was imagined to predispose it to putridity. Not only did women corrupt others through their sensuality, therefore–they were themselves in a continuous state of decay.”



I’ve seen the light, darlin, I’ll make it right…

3 Aug

Did this Patsy Cline for a dear friend–I love doing these small commissions that push me to do portraits (a pretty new challenge!)–and I love that the last two portraits I’ve gotten are my two favorite country artists! Queens of my world.

Training for the Rev

29 Jun

Drew this for a friend to commemorate our post-apocalyptic prep gym trips. It’s never too early to train for the rev.

❤ jb

39 Melachot

16 Jun



Drew this list of the 39 melachot (categories of work forbidden on Shabbat) for a friend! I will hopefully be appearing in a Shabbat zine in the near future. Get psyched for the Sabbath, yidn. If you’re interested in the history and interpretation of these, the Torah Tots breakdown is good for babies like me.

❤ jb