How Does Art Fit Into Your Life?

12 Sep

This is a question that I am constantly pondering, since my career path has often been presented back to me as having NOT chosen art–that since I am an ACADEMIC, art is therefore a hobby, something I don’t have time for, that is preventing me from getting real work done, something that I study but do not produce, something in the margins of my life (and my class notes).

So, when best art teacher, friend and artist Sves asked me “How does art fit into your life?” as a prompt, I was left basically grasping for straws. How? More or less shoved in there, like a sleeping bag in a stuff sack (I am going camping this weekend).

The real crux of the assignment, which I have yet to complete, is more of a game plan. How am I going to MAKE art fit into my life?

how does art fit

[And, I suppose, if folks want to talk about this, how do you make art fit into your life?]

❤ jb

p.s. these are literally all the colors of copic sketch markers that i own. #funfacts

Sketchbook/ Lacan

31 Aug

I’ve been working on a bunch of projects that are keeping me away from online updates, but here’s a quick sketchbook piece. The quote is from Lacan’s “The Four Fundamental Concepts Of Psychoanalysis” and the image is one I have been working with/obsessing over for a while. I sketched it using water soluble graphite.


In other news, I have work on display at OQ coffee shop in Highland Park, NJ, so if you’re in Jersey, check it out! Also the closing show for the Phreak N’ Queer exhibit I have work in is September 12th at 8 pm at Space 2033 (

So maybe see you at some things.


Queer History Comix Anthology Zine

18 Aug

I am co-editing this anthology zine with Elvis of Homos in Herstory! You have plenty of time to submit, so get going on those comics.


So, basic specs:

Think 1-5 pages, black and white or grayscale, send us jpgs or pdf. We’ll be printing at half size (like 8.5×5.5) so keep that in consideration. Comics should be on the theme of queer history–either queering history/queer historiography, focusing on a moment of queer history, or maybe like…being a queer in the archives. Email Elvis or me (I’m at sassyfrasscircus at gmail dot com) with questions. Submissions are due Jan. 1st, 2015!


Coffee with Ilse

27 Jul


This piece will be on display at OQ Coffee in Highland Park, NJ starting August 11th!


Toxic/ Phreak N Queer

24 Jul

I’m going to have work hanging at the Phreak N Queer Festival art show starting Aug 1st at Space 2033 in Philadelphia!

Here’s one of the pieces:

Sadly I won’t be able to go to the festival since I’ll be visiting family in Washington State, but YOU SHOULD. Perfect humans like my darling Voyager and greatest DJ PRECOLUMBiAN will be performing. What could be better?


DC Zinefest is coming!

23 Jul

And I will be there. Also I drew a flier.




29 Jun

I did a quick portrait of a Philly artist I admire a ton, Chaska//DJ Precolumbian . Seemed like a good way to celebrate moving to Philly this week! #babesandheros


❤ jb