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Share or Die

4 Apr

My work was just posted on Shareable, a nonprofit online magazine that envisions a “shareable” world, as part of the forthcoming Share or Die ebook! I am bursting with pride.

Stay tuned for more cartoons on the graduate school saga.

❤ jb

I keep dreaming that my editor calls and tells me that they aren’t going to run my cartoon…

6 Mar

on the basis that they don’t make any sense or something.

You may notice a higher volume than usual of Diamondback cartoons by my fine self. This is true. Apparently all the other cartoonists are broken. I am taking advantage of this fact by making lots of “bro” puns.

Also you may think that the “riots” on Wednesday night in College Park were a celebration over the Terps finally beating Duke, but actually it was a preemptive riot for accessible education, in conjunction with other March 4th Day of Action events. Why doesn’t the mainstream media report these things? Fox News Conspiracy!

❤ j.bee

Testudo Insurgency.

2 Mar

Today, an anonymous Diamondback internet commenter called me a hippie.

boo/hiss back atcha, sparky!

❤ j.bee

p.s. Just a reminder, Evan Greer and Geppetta are playing at UMD today at 6 pm in the Baltimore Room of Stamp Student Union, and at 8 pm we're having an open mic featuring Alexa Gray, Sohayl Vafai and Liz & the Lost Boys, in the basement of Dorchester Hall. So much fun in one evening!

another diamondback cartoon!

12 Nov

Drew this ‘toon for today’s Diamondback…S.T.A.R.E. is “Students Taking Action to Reclaim our Education.”

I’m not really happy with the way this one turned out…the major gap between what I wanted to draw and what I ended up drawing sort of pisses me off.

❤ j bee.

editorial cartoon thursday

5 Nov

For those of y’all that are not at the University of Maryland or follow student power news, there is some shit going down. Here’s my weekly Diamondback comic, soon to be a twice-weekly comic.

For some context, basically the University is claiming to be putting their all into this brand new Diversity Strategic Plan, which is largely bullshit, and behind the scenes they are pulling shit like firing the Associate Provost of Diversity and Equity, while continuing to slowly shave the funding off of programs in the humanities. Also they just paid $250,000 to “rebrand” the University with the new slogan “Unstoppable Starts Here,” which is universally regarded as the dumbest slogan ever.


I should have a new comic soon…

Jenna B.