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GRE today!

3 Sep

Wish us luck.

Anxiety comics: talkin’ nerdy.

21 Mar

❤ jb

Anxiety Comics: Grad School Edition

13 Mar

I continue to be waitlisted at one school, so there is that, also.

❤ jb

Sometimes you have to scrap the whole thing and start over.

7 Mar

This comic could go in about a million directions…it’s still a choose your own adventure at this point. In other news, Thursday night I will be your popcorn wench at the first official D.C. Zinefest fundraiser at Video Americain. It’s free (zinesters suck at fundraising) so you should probably come. This Saturday I will be reppin’ at the Wingnut in Richmond. Also my friend Mal started a weird ass blog that I am somehow involved in.

❤ jb

craft fair

13 Dec

I drew this at the beginning of the Crafternoon. But guess what! After chatting with some rad folks, including my distro neighbor Dwayne B, and drinking some spiked coffee (delivered by Rachael, since I was stuck behind the table), it was actually pretty fun.

In other news, there is an interview with Bastian Fox Phelan on Zine Weekly which reminds me that I am still taking submissions for Femme a Barbe 3! Until March!

And, if you happen to live or be traveling in the UK, you can now get my zines from the lovely Tukru at Vampire Sushi Distro.

❤ jb

hypochondria or diabetes

2 Dec

❤ jb


17 Sep


here we are plumbing the depths.
❤ jenna b.