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Submit to Femme à Barbe Vol. 2!

31 Mar

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p.s. i'm using jennifer miller‘s image without permission but i hope she will forgive me because it is for the cause.

also, wordpress does not do good things for the quality of jpeg files…what is up with that?

Trying to work, despite Snowmageddon Round II.

10 Feb

Working on pages for QZAP:meta.

Bearded Lady research.

Laying out Femme a Barbe.

Rescuing brooms in the snow.

The conference I was supposed to present at on Sunday was cancelled, which is beyond tragic, but I made this semi-okay little video for one of my classes:

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a new page in the life of the bearded lady.

11 Dec

i never said the bearded lady has a particularly interesting life. although things always heat up after dark.

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the continued adventures of the bearded lady (for guy).

1 Dec

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28 Nov

this is an embarrassingly bad video, but everyone was too drunk to help me make it the night before, so i had to do it quick with my crappy camera stuck on top of a cardboard box on top of the toilet before going to my folks for thanksgiving.

i decided to shave my facial hair because i didn’t want it to be a topic of conversation or argument when i came home this weekend for thanksgiving and my grandmother’s memorial service. there were about 40 people at our house and i just decided i couldn’t deal with it. i don’t like the feeling of day-old stubble on my chin, it itches and is uncomfortable but is better than the feeling of residue and the irritation and break-outs from waxing. also there is something about the process that i enjoy, maybe because of the perception of gender transgression in a female person shaving their face, even if it is ultimately for the purpose of passing. which is also why i am posting this video, despite it’s roughness…i suppose i’m interested in the dialectic between the desire to pass and the desire to transgress and intentionally not pass. more on this later…

i shaved my beard because i didn’t want to talk about it, but of course my mother still brought it up. she wants me to get laser hair removal. i was pretty proud of myself that i told her that i didn’t want to, because i like my facial hair. i’m sure this is going to continue to be an ongoing argument. but shaving at least lessens the amount of familial nagging i receive, and does not preclude the possibility of growing my facial hair back.

which i am going to do.

back to comics probably on sunday, when i have access to a scanner.

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procastination nation.

24 Nov

self portrait.

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for guy friday

20 Nov

i wasn’t happy with the page i did for our comics trade last week, so i re-did basically the same page, but way cooler.

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