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Femme a Barbe, available online

1 Aug

I still recommended picking up a paper copy from one of the distros that carries Femme a Barbe, but if you don’t have access or just want to read it online, here are scans of the three existing issues (click on the link for the pdf, and please let me know if you have any problems with it).


❤ jb

Submit to Femme a Barbe #4–Deadline July 20th!

26 Jun

Make a spectacle of yourself. Join the Femme a Barbe insurgency!

Femme a Barbe is a zine for bearded ladies and other gender outlaws which seeks to use facial hair as an entry point to discuss issues of identity, embodiment, and resistance. For issue 4, we are calling for art and writing that speaks creatively to queer(ed) facial hair–growing it, removing it, whatever resonates with your experience. Hair, particularly in the “wrong” place on the “wrong” body, is politicized and demonized in gendered and racialized terms in cultural discourses and daily interactions. We seek to reclaim these conversations about our bodies, desires, and lives. [Note: The idea of using hair as an “entry point” implies that we hope submissions might go other places and incorporate other things!]

Some topics we have seen/ would love to see submissions on:
–“performing” beardedness
–facial hair and desire/ attraction/ relationships
–intersectional identities
–PCOS/ pathologization/ disability
–hair removal/ concealment
–politics of “passing”
etc. etc. etc.

All submissions must be:
5×8, Black and White or Grayscale
Written work should be under approx. 1500 words or, if you submit formatted zine pages, stick to about 5.
Images must be at least 350 dpi and JPEG
please send submissions to sassyfrasscircus [at] gmail [dot] com.

NOTE: This zine is titled Femme a Barbe because of the complicated disciplinary and liberating histories around the cultural figure of the “bearded lady,” but does not in any way limit who can and should submit to this zine. “We of the Femme A Barbe insurgency seek to reclaim the term and the symbol of the “Bearded Lady” for its transgressive potential, not as an identity, but as a weapon.” Past Femme a Barbe contributors represent many different genders and experiences, and we hope to continue to expand the topics and stories that the zine is able to capture.

Queering Beards Book

4 Apr

I posted a call for this project I’m helping with a while back, but I wanted to let folks know that we’re on Facebook now, and still accepting abstracts, papers, and creative work.

If you’re not really into the whole book thing, I am still accepting submissions for my facial hair zine Femme a Barbe, at sassyfrasscircus [at] gmail [dot] com.

❤ jb

Call For Papers

3 Mar

To date, no monograph-length text has been produced that is critically engaged with beards from an artistic, academic and community-based perspective. This book brings together a range of perspectives, including purely academic pieces to personal narratives, as well as artwork and performance art pieces. This book seeks to carve out a space to discuss the social cues and meanings of facial hair – specifically beards and other bulk masses of visible hair – on queer(ed) bodies.

Specifically, we seek submissions that unpack, address and consider, among other similar topics: the historical figure of the bearded lady and facial hair on people who are assigned or identify as female; hair and hair use among gender transgressive folks; meanings of facial hair among multiple trans communities; the use of beards in gay male spaces (including cis and trans men) such as the fashioning of beards to index particularly sexual practices (leather, kink, etc).

Submit works to queeringbeardsproject@gmail.com by June 30th, 2011.

❤ jb

Rule number 3: Beards Match Everything

8 Nov

It’s true, beards do match everything. For folks who care, the dress was made by my mama (fabric and pattern from JoAnns) the coat is thrifted from Value Village and the bag is a knitting bag thrifted from my Aunt’s living room.

I spent this Sunday in Richmond for my friend Shira’s birthday–we drove down Saturday night and did some epic karaoke (which unfortunately I don’t have pictures of but maybe they will appear later). I participated in the following songs: Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger, Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry, and Summer Girls by LFO. In the morning we ate brunch at Strange Matter, visited Shira at the toystore where she works, and also went to an expensive vintage store that I forget the name of, where I decided that I both need and can’t afford a hat with a birdcage veil. And a used bookstore called Chop Suey where I got Adrien Tomine’s 32 Stories and Joe Sacco’s Notes from a Defeatist. Foster got a great hat and a bowtie from Luxor Vintage Clothing. There was also a mini-clothing swap to precede the larger clothing swap us D.C. folks had to miss this evening. Today’s adventures also included this sassy lady from the internet!

Coffee is a timeless way to accessorize.

What kind of music would this indie band play?

Look at all this fashion.

The problem with clothing swaps is that I have been to very few swaps where there are people who wear above a size 12. So after trying to get myself into a hilariously small romper and a deceptively large-looking-but-actually-small dress, I ended up with a pretty cool hat.

So much fashion.

❤ jb

Femme a Barbe 2!

15 Oct

Femme a Barbe Vol. 2 is now available! Whoo! I’ll have it at the Richmond Zine Fest and it is up on my Etsy.

❤ jb


28 Nov

this is an embarrassingly bad video, but everyone was too drunk to help me make it the night before, so i had to do it quick with my crappy camera stuck on top of a cardboard box on top of the toilet before going to my folks for thanksgiving.

i decided to shave my facial hair because i didn’t want it to be a topic of conversation or argument when i came home this weekend for thanksgiving and my grandmother’s memorial service. there were about 40 people at our house and i just decided i couldn’t deal with it. i don’t like the feeling of day-old stubble on my chin, it itches and is uncomfortable but is better than the feeling of residue and the irritation and break-outs from waxing. also there is something about the process that i enjoy, maybe because of the perception of gender transgression in a female person shaving their face, even if it is ultimately for the purpose of passing. which is also why i am posting this video, despite it’s roughness…i suppose i’m interested in the dialectic between the desire to pass and the desire to transgress and intentionally not pass. more on this later…

i shaved my beard because i didn’t want to talk about it, but of course my mother still brought it up. she wants me to get laser hair removal. i was pretty proud of myself that i told her that i didn’t want to, because i like my facial hair. i’m sure this is going to continue to be an ongoing argument. but shaving at least lessens the amount of familial nagging i receive, and does not preclude the possibility of growing my facial hair back.

which i am going to do.

back to comics probably on sunday, when i have access to a scanner.

❤ j.bee