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The Man Who Married A She-Demon

29 Jan

A while back I drew this adaptation of the myth “The Man who Married a She-Demon,” from Joachim Neugroschel’s The Dybbuk and the Yiddish Imagination for a collection called the Jewish Comix Anthology. You can buy the whole collection from AH Comics, but here is my little corner of that, for your enjoyment:


shedemonpage2 copy

shedemonpage3 copy

shedemonpage4 copy

shedemonpage5 copy

Rock pigeon

16 May


Drew this pigeon for a supporter of my fundraising efforts! I’ll be traveling for the next two weeks but feel free to send me emails about commissions or make donations while I’m on the road, I should have some email access and will definitely be catching up when I get back.

❤ jb