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OMG EXTENDED DEADLINE: Queer History Comics!

30 Jan

Boston Marriages! Girls Gone Wild Colonial Jamestown! Forbidden Love! Whatever! I’m not a historian!

Elvis of Homos in Herstory
etc. and I are putting together a collection of comics about queer history! You may have seen the call here before, but now it’s in technicolor, with an extended deadline, and we are really really serious.

SEND US YOUR THINGS! Email me if you have those things, or questions. (sassyfrasscircus at gmail dot com)

Via Elvis:

Maybe those [comics and queer history] seem unrelated, but in many ways comics are the perfect medium for exploring history…you can delve into the past and walk through each little panel into an imagined world, where reality and our historical imaginations coincide on the page.

In recent history, queer lives have been typically pushed to the margins of existence…but the nature of “transgressions” of gender/sexuality norms has changed radically even in the past 100 years, and definitely throughout different cultures.

Anyhow! If you make comics about queer themes or folks from history (we’ll interpret that broadly, as “not-contemporary”), please send ‘em our way or get in touch!



Queer History Comix Anthology Zine

18 Aug

I am co-editing this anthology zine with Elvis of Homos in Herstory! You have plenty of time to submit, so get going on those comics.


So, basic specs:

Think 1-5 pages, black and white or grayscale, send us jpgs or pdf. We’ll be printing at half size (like 8.5×5.5) so keep that in consideration. Comics should be on the theme of queer history–either queering history/queer historiography, focusing on a moment of queer history, or maybe like…being a queer in the archives. Email Elvis or me (I’m at sassyfrasscircus at gmail dot com) with questions. Submissions are due Jan. 1st, 2015!


Diaspora (Jacob and the Angel)

25 Jul

The deadline for Doykeit #2 (the diaspora issue) quickly approaches and I have finally come up with a potential cover–like the cover for #1 references the story of Ruth and Naomi, this one draws on the story of Jacob wrestling the angel in a queer(ed) hermeneutic (#nerd). Send me your submissions by August 1st!


Long Distance Zine! Last call for submissions

24 Jun


This has been a summer of being on the road, of plans that don’t quite work out and things not going quite as planned. I’ve had to cancel my trip to the Portland Zine Symposium, which means that I don’t really have a particularly date by which summer zines need to be finished. With that in mind, you have the whole month of July to send me straggler submissions. The Long Distance zine will be assembled when I get back from Poland (Doykeit will be assembled sometime after that). I am especially still looking for visual submissions, pieces on co-parenting or being co-parented across distance, and dealing with immigration/ national borders. I would also take more submissions on digital or web-based relationships. Skype screenshots are acceptable submissions. I am not at this time interested in fiction pieces, and for written submissions in general, remember that specificity and focusing in on a particular event or situation makes for a better read, rather than narrating the entire history of a relationship. The original call for submissions is here: https://sassyfrasscircus.wordpress.com/2013/02/13/call-for-submissions-long-distance-zine/.

Thanks to everyone who has sent me their amazing submissions so far, hoping to return to an inbox full of awesome.
❤ jb

Call for Submissions: Doykeit #2

25 Feb

Doykeit #2—“Diaspora”

The concept of ‘doykeit,’ Yiddish for ‘hereness,’ is taken from the pre-World War II Polish-Jewish group The Bund, which believed that Jews have both a right to live and a political commitment to work for change ‘here and now.’

Doykeit seeks to speak to the cross-sections of Jewish and queer/feminist identification and how these might inform an anti-Zionist or Palestinian solidarity politic.

For this issue of Doykeit, we ask for writing and art that considers one or more of the following topics: diaspora, home and “homeland,” galut, displacement, dispersal, remembrance, intergenerational relationships, borders, nationalism, and violence.

“The word ‘diaspora’ means dispersion. It originated in the Septuagint, one of the original Greek translations of the Bible: Deuteronomy 28:25: ‘thou shalt be a diaspora in all kingdoms of the earth.’…”

Some questions to consider:

–site(s) of diaspora and site(s) of “home”

–diaspora in a globalized society

–What does it mean to be a diaspora Jew (politically, spiritually etc.)?

–How is diaspora complicated/ take on different meaning in different Jewish communities (ethnic, geographic, denominational, etc.)?

–How do we build solidarity between/ within diasporic/ exilic communities?


500-1,000 words preferred

Either formatted into a ½ size zine page or unformatted word document

Images must be black and white, 300+ dpi

Send submissions/ inquiries/ requests for Issue #1 to sassyfrasscircus@gmail.com

Call for Submissions–Long Distance Zine!

13 Feb

I am seeking submissions of art and writing on the subject of long distance relationships, describing the funny, sad, and tender moments of having a partners or partners far away. This is not an “advice” zine, though pieces that incorporate advice will be considered. Submissions do not need to be about a current relationship or a currently long-distance relationship. I am particularly interested in questions of chosen or forced distance, queer(ed) relationships, Internet dating, membership in a globalized/ precariat labor force, ways of making contact across distance, the idea of “building a life,” struggles with immigration or across national borders, co-parenting across distance, and the different ways in which we create and sustain families and define “home.”

Please indicate the distance (for example, 500 miles) between you and your significant other(s) in the title or subtitle of your submission.

Due April 1st 


500-1,000 words preferred, please submit as a word document or in the body of an email.

Images must be black and white, 300+ dpi

Send submissions/ inquiries to sassyfrasscircus@gmail.com

Submit to Femme a Barbe #4–Deadline July 20th!

26 Jun

Make a spectacle of yourself. Join the Femme a Barbe insurgency!

Femme a Barbe is a zine for bearded ladies and other gender outlaws which seeks to use facial hair as an entry point to discuss issues of identity, embodiment, and resistance. For issue 4, we are calling for art and writing that speaks creatively to queer(ed) facial hair–growing it, removing it, whatever resonates with your experience. Hair, particularly in the “wrong” place on the “wrong” body, is politicized and demonized in gendered and racialized terms in cultural discourses and daily interactions. We seek to reclaim these conversations about our bodies, desires, and lives. [Note: The idea of using hair as an “entry point” implies that we hope submissions might go other places and incorporate other things!]

Some topics we have seen/ would love to see submissions on:
–“performing” beardedness
–facial hair and desire/ attraction/ relationships
–intersectional identities
–PCOS/ pathologization/ disability
–hair removal/ concealment
–politics of “passing”
etc. etc. etc.

All submissions must be:
5×8, Black and White or Grayscale
Written work should be under approx. 1500 words or, if you submit formatted zine pages, stick to about 5.
Images must be at least 350 dpi and JPEG
please send submissions to sassyfrasscircus [at] gmail [dot] com.

NOTE: This zine is titled Femme a Barbe because of the complicated disciplinary and liberating histories around the cultural figure of the “bearded lady,” but does not in any way limit who can and should submit to this zine. “We of the Femme A Barbe insurgency seek to reclaim the term and the symbol of the “Bearded Lady” for its transgressive potential, not as an identity, but as a weapon.” Past Femme a Barbe contributors represent many different genders and experiences, and we hope to continue to expand the topics and stories that the zine is able to capture.