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You’re the one for me, fatty

9 Dec

I made this super-quick Hannukah card for my partner in between laboriously eeking out sentences of a 25 page paper due Tuesday (on page 17!). The words are, let’s say “reclaimed” Morrissey lyrics, and I used my awesome cheapy colored pencils to color it in.


You’re the one for me, fatty/ You’re the one I really, really love.


I’ve got a crush on you.

21 Feb

So I vastly (100%) over-estimated potential interest in Curmudgeon e-Valentines, or possibly in donating money to Curmudgeon. It may be that I am overestimating general interest in Curmudgeon broadly (by the way, new comic is up and we are now posting on Tuesdays). Nobody ever said labors of love were rewarding!

In any case, here is a photo of the watercolor I did for my e-card. Do you think it would make a nice notecard (oh nebulous internet readership)? I was thinking about printing some.

This episode of artist insecurity brought to you by,

Making cards

6 Dec

I’ve been making a lot of cards recently, particularly thank you cards–both for my use and for a couple of folks who requested my services. Here are a couple of examples:

Plus, Hannah Reads Zines email interviewed me, and that’s posted. Enjoy the embarrassing typos and glimpse into my brain, since you don’t get enough of that. Stay for the other better stuff she posts.

Also, remember Sassyfrass will be tabling at the Small is Beautiful Crafternoon on Dec. 11th from 2-6! It’s at The Annex (525 Shepherd St NW) and I will have zines and hopefully other goodies!

❤ jbee

p.s. Femme a Barbe 2 review posted on Hello Amber! Also, remember I am taking submissions for #3!

ahts and crahfts.

4 Aug

Hey friends, I’m hanging out with B. in the PAC NW. This picture is pretty indicative of what we’ve been doing:

We’re sleeping in a tent and last night was the craziest thunderstorm I have ever experienced, involving the loudest thunder ever. The tent was leaking onto our heads in a unique form of water torture and we woke up from about an hour of sleep feeling soggy, but our spirits were lifted by coffee and biscuits with gravy. Also the show The Young Riders, which is my new favorite.

Also I’ve been making cards using scraps of paper (thanks mostly to Prof. Jo Paoletti) and wood glue (that’s what is lying around B.’s dad’s house).

This one is for B.’s sister:

And this one is for a friend back home:

I made these before I left:

I’m thinking about adding sassy little sayings to them…

❤ jbee