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Thank you card

1 Jun

I made this awhile ago for some friends of mine who are amazing hosts. I don’t think I’ve posted it before, and I’m cleaning off my desktop so here ya go.

❤ jb


2 May

Very pleased with this collaboration between myself and Grace Toulotte. Come hear some poetry, party people! You should also go to Buddy Wakefield’s Saturday night show at the Fridge featuring hometown hero and ultimate badass Natalie E. Illum.

❤ jb

What I’m working on.

27 Dec

In Baltimore visiting my friends at Do Me Dirty House of Queertopia Church of the Holy Unicorn, but this is what I was working on before I left. It’s going to be a flier for a Geppetta show in February. Thanks to Foster for the awesome birds and bugs.

❤ JBee

Making cards

6 Dec

I’ve been making a lot of cards recently, particularly thank you cards–both for my use and for a couple of folks who requested my services. Here are a couple of examples:

Plus, Hannah Reads Zines email interviewed me, and that’s posted. Enjoy the embarrassing typos and glimpse into my brain, since you don’t get enough of that. Stay for the other better stuff she posts.

Also, remember Sassyfrass will be tabling at the Small is Beautiful Crafternoon on Dec. 11th from 2-6! It’s at The Annex (525 Shepherd St NW) and I will have zines and hopefully other goodies!

❤ jbee

p.s. Femme a Barbe 2 review posted on Hello Amber! Also, remember I am taking submissions for #3!

Wednesday craft day.

24 Nov

Cut up pages from a children’s book and rubber stamped letters on bristol board.

I got a letter from Naomi of Tuff Town today! It was on the back of a map which was cool. Also they pretty much have convinced me to actually print Sassyfrass 6.

Practicing lining up letters with rubber stamps.

Cutting scales for a project I’m working on.

Also, I got the new issue of Culture Slut in the mail and this awesome pin! I’m such a good model, ha!

I’ve also been making garland-y things

Some of them are skulls. Also I was dying stained shirts different colors and my glove ripped, if you were wondering why my hand is blue.

That kid will stop at nothing to keep procrastinating! I am a very productive procrastinator. Off to fold laundry.

❤ jb

Come and see the blood in the streets!

16 Sep

and a mockingbird.

❤ jb

p.s. i am still using cut up pages of the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center Season Schedule.

also, this new song/ music video from Antony and the Johnsons is fabulous:

Open Up the Idea

7 Sep

❤ jb

p.s. paper from the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center 2010-2011 season. I’ll be at any of the performances that involve puppets or the Kronos quartet.