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10 May

To counter my usual apocalyptic tendencies, I drew this flowchart with some posi suggestions and possibilities for post-college life for Shareable. Notice I did not include “become a peon in the non-profit industrial complex.”

Check it out here.

p.s. if you are wondering why i haven’t been posting, i am sick. booooo.

The Legend of Sassyfrass Circus

4 Mar

I just found possibly the only remaining copy of Sassyfrass Circus #1 (I’m going to make more copies maybe), which I don’t really distro. I decided to scan a couple of pages (clearly when I made this I hadn’t met Jami “Mind Your Margins” Sailor) because the Legend of Sassyfrass Circus is hilarious.

❤ jb

today’s editorial cartoon…

4 Dec

I was trying to engage with the idea of doing radical scholarship through state universities. And also just being stressed out…

Been working on my epic Bearded Lady paper, but I promise new comics asap. I need to pound out a submission for Bound to Struggle before I get too distracted…

❤ j.bee

trying to write.

1 Nov

so just posting a page from my zine for now.

❤ j bee

p.s. i am still looking for testimonies about folks' interaction with zines–making them, reading them, whatever, so if you want to do that, i would be mighty grateful and send you love through the mail.

the problem with being a whiner is that when you say you’re stressed out and you really mean that you’re about to claw your eyes out, people just sigh and say “what’s new?”

27 Oct

❤ j. bee

Non-beard-related images.

6 Oct

This image is entirely wonky but I kind of like it because I drew it immediately after totally fucking up this presentation in my Spanish class, and it really reflects how flustered I was. Bet you didn’t know that I am actually a full time student with a job also. Just kidding you probably knew that.

goddamn unicorn
Sometimes a unicorn-human hybrid drinking a mug of coffee is exactly how I feel.

❤ jenna bee.


29 Sep

is surprisingly difficult sometimes.

here is a unicorn:

inspired by a) michael berube’s “what’s the matter with cultural studies,” b) everyone i know and c) that was a lie i just doodled this during a panel at SPX.

i have the carbon footprint of a unicorn. my hoof is not giant, but i am putting it in your butt so it feels pretty huge.

i need a nap.
j. bee