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But First…A Snack!

2 Feb

As everyone knows, procrastination is the name of the game. I prefer procrastibaking, and then procrastisnacking. I drew this testament to a way of life for a fellow devoted snacker, as a form of procrastination. Also I tried out a new marker paper which is supposed to be bleedproof and awesome and specially designed for markers but actually it’s like drawing on wax paper. Which is fine. It’s a look.

but first a snack

back to the endless piecing together,
the lonely pre-dissertator

Flowchart of Post-Graduation Doom (full color)

19 Jul

How great does this full color version over at Shareable look?

Color done by hometown hero Daniel Meltzer.


Teaching myself Photoshop

4 May

I am attempting to learn how to do things in Photoshop. This would be easier if i had a newer version of the program and/ or a tablet of some sort. This is why I stick to black and white doodlin’.

In other news look at my cute gym buddy. I doodled this in my sketchbook while waiting for the actual comic I am working on to save in Photoshop, because it took like a half hour.

❤ jb

playing around with photoshop

15 Nov


trying to teach myself this stuff a little at a time.


My hand is asleep.

29 Apr

And I drew this when I was drunk.

Comics Code

If you can’t read the stuff at the bottom in the second panel, the first * says “in the teachers’ lounge with the dildo,” (an obvious Clue reference) and the second one says “special thanks to Tim Burt 4 spelling,” which refers to the fact that I asked my housemate Tim Burt how he would spell the noise someone might make while masturbating.  URNGHH it is.