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New comix.

27 Jul

This one is from my sketchbook, I drew it in like 30 minutes…

Can’t you tell? :p

This one is from a project I started at CTY but never finished. I want to keep working on it so there will be updates.

I’ve mostly been studying for the GREs but you know, still drawing when I can.


a new page in the life of the bearded lady.

11 Dec

i never said the bearded lady has a particularly interesting life. although things always heat up after dark.

❤ j.bee

Call for Zine Submissions!

8 Nov

Hey folks, I’m looking for submissions for a zine called “Femme à barbe,” it’s mostly about women-identified folks with facial hair. Submissions from folks of all genders are totally welcome, and submissions about hair in general (not just facial) is also cool. I am especially looking for writings on personal experiences and comics. You can e-mail submissions to jenna.brager [at] gmail [dot] com preferably, and please put “submission femme a barbe” in the subject line. If you have any questions totally e-mail me at that address or just comment.
Deadline: Dec. 15th, 2009

Parameters for comix/ images:
-350+ JPG
-no page minimum or maximum

Also I just joined We Make Zines so if you’ve got one of this you should friend me!

❤ j bee

went to SPX today…

28 Sep

Ended up being totally overwhelmed by the whole thing and did not take any pictures while I was there. Here are some pictures of stuff i spent my hard earned money on:

Today I:
~Sounded like a total idiot trying to talk to folks i super-respect like Erika Moen of DAR: A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary. “Hey, uh, I, uh, I’m a pretty big fan of your work, uh.”
~Chatted with Dan Wyke who was really nice, traded zines with me, and also was distro’ing the Evil Issue of Always Comix in which we are both published.
~Talked to friends about starting a comix collective.
~Discovered the work of Liz Baillie who is awesome.
~Felt conflicted about wanting comix to be accessible and wanting to produce a higher quality print product that I would have to charge for.
~Decided to try harder.

not bad for my first comic con ever. i think i’ll have to wait a couple years before the next one since i probably will not have ten dollars ever again for a while.
❤ jenna bee.

This is all I’ve managed recently.

5 Jun

I’m not particularly happy with it. If I had photoshop I’d take out the “Wait, Stay.” in the first panel and the second text box that reads “It’s hard to explain” in the last panel. I drew this during the Bash Back Caucus report back. I’ll have a comixxx-style report back of my own soon, hopefully. I’m absurdly busy this summer working at Girl Scout camp doing Sports of all things. I’m also hopefully doing a three panel strip once a week for the Diamondback, which means my Saturdays off are going to be at least part spent drawing/ scanning.


In early BB news, I was lucky to meet, live and in-person, Simon Strikeback of Actor Slash Model, who I have been communicating with in regards to his sweet zine, Bound to Struggle. We didn’t make out or anything juicy (gosh guys, you are so pervy, all you want to hear about is making out), but I think it’s pretty sweet to meet people that you know through the ephemera of zine culture. Our meeting was sort of like “You have a voice!” and “You have a face!” and then we hugged and went to the Pause cafe where Actor Slash Model played a sweet show with Annah and Adhamh Roland, another friend I was psyched to see. I also ate some chocolate zucchini bread. BANGIN’.




Okay, I hope this is coherent…I’m getting over a BB cold and also recovering from being trampled by bros at the Gogol Brodello show this evening. I also went to McDonalds about two hours ago. Arteries…clogging…morals…wilting…life…fail.

jenna b.


17 May


Well, I already failed in my one-a-day goal, but whatevs.

4 May

I’m getting really annoyed with the internet and the limitations of my knowledge.  Which is of course echoed by my incredible lack of artistic knowledge.  I have no idea HOW to do anything, which is kind of sad.  I’ve been looking at the Just Seeds site and I really am envious of how amazing their work is.  One day.

Anyway, I guess I’ll post some stuff I’ve drawn lately.  The apple one was from a several panel strip but this was the only one I liked.

This one I drew at like 4 am yesterday.  I don’t think it turned out how I wanted it to.

But I do like this part:

Maybe I’ll go do some school work now.  Or make some microwaveable mac and cheese.  I am a bastion of healthy living.


p.s. I took this picture of myself on photobooth and I like it: