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10 May

Things are moving too quickly as usual, but I think it’s time that I got back into the swing of this whole blogging thing. I’m moving to New Jersey at the end of the summer to start a PhD program at Rutgers, wish me luck! I drew a follow up comic about it for Shareable, which posted today. The original grad school angst comics are being published in a real live book that you can buy if you want. The fact that Cory Doctorow may have read one of my comics makes me squeal a little, nerd heroes and all that.

In the meantime I’m busy planning the D.C. Zinefest and building my freelance/ illustration portfolio. I tumble a lot, for better or worse. After a lot of bellyaching, I decided to take a hiatus from Curmudgeon while I focus on other projects, and I feel pretty good about the decision.

Also I’m seeing the Carolina Chocolate Drops tonight, which fulfills all my dreams, and so I leave you with this live performance of Milwaukee Blues, which may capture an iota of the rapture that I will experience this very eve.


I’ve got a crush on you.

21 Feb

So I vastly (100%) over-estimated potential interest in Curmudgeon e-Valentines, or possibly in donating money to Curmudgeon. It may be that I am overestimating general interest in Curmudgeon broadly (by the way, new comic is up and we are now posting on Tuesdays). Nobody ever said labors of love were rewarding!

In any case, here is a photo of the watercolor I did for my e-card. Do you think it would make a nice notecard (oh nebulous internet readership)? I was thinking about printing some.

This episode of artist insecurity brought to you by,

Valentine’s Day e-cards

6 Feb

So my Curmudgeon co-author Foster and I are not all about Valentine’s Day, unless it’s actually Lupercalia, but we do want to show our love to everyone who shows us theirs. For the month of February, everyone who donates a dollar to Curmudgeon will get secret e-cards from Foster and I, that I will not show the Internet. Then you can like, forward them to your sweeties and they will appreciate you so much.

In the meantime you get this crappy paint guide to finding our donations page:

Help us keep the Curmudgeon lights on and contribute to Foster’s top surgery fund! Bristol board and feeding unicats gets expensive.

Thanks for your love, webcomic readers of the universe.

❤ jb

p.s. You can also still buy anything your heart desires from my Etsy store.

Curmudgeon on Etsy

20 Jan

To celebrate the 25th post on Curmudgeon (not counting guest comics), Foster and I are doing a sale on original artwork. Any Curmudgeon strip can be yours for only 25 dollars! If it’s not listed on Etsy just message or email me. These are not prints, these are originals, complete with blood, sweat, tears, and coffee stains.

Help us keep our lights on!

❤ jb

Back from Epic Travels!

2 Jan

If you haven’t been watching, Curmudgeon has been updating its own damn self, while I eat donuts in Seattle with my sweetie.

Also, my review of the book Cruel Optimism by Lauren Berlant is up at The New Inquiry.

Happy fucking New Year!

Signal Boost: FSTR

17 Nov

My Curmudgeon collaborator, Foster, has started an Etsy shop. Right now he is selling these awesome bird stickers, each one is handmade and totally unique. I have a couple of them on my sketchbook and they are adorable. Also, all the proceeds go towards Foster’s top surgery.

Just in time for the holidays!

❤ JB


11 Nov

New comic up on Curmudgeon!