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DC Zinefest is coming!

23 Jul

And I will be there. Also I drew a flier.



In Crust We Trust!

9 Feb

Washington DC and I are in a long distance relationship these days, but I heard that DC Zinefest (child of my heart) was having a PIZZA THEMED zine reading and open mic. Paper hoarder that I am, I knew I had the perfect image for a flier, so I whipped this up for them.


I will be in DC for this thing and I strongly recommend you be there too.

Washington DC: jumbo slices, even bigger hearts.

❤ jb

Things I’m doing

23 Jul

That and moving and getting ready for this lil Zinefest Saturday (11-5 at St. Stephens Church in Columbia Heights). I’m also reading at the Bad Zine Everybody’s Fault Midwest-Invades-the-Capital event at the Dollhouse on Friday. Come give me a hug and say goodbye.

After that, you can catch me at FemmeCon in Baltimore, doing a workshop and showing some arts, and then at the Philly Feminist Zinefest with all the zines. I’ll have Doykeit #1 at the D.C. Zinefest and I will definitely have a new Femme a Barbe in time for the Philly Feminist Zinefest. The new Sassyfrass remains elusive. We’ll see.


Submit a workshop for the DC Zinefest!

14 Jun

There should also be a form up on the DC Zinefest website soon, but in the meantime you can just email them to us. Kid-friendly workshops especially welcome!


D.C. Zinefest 1st flier

29 Jan

Follow zinefest updates at the Facebook!

❤ jb

Works in Progress: D.C. Zinefest

28 Jan

Planning for this year’s D.C. Zinefest is about to get in full swing and I’ve got the to-do list to prove it. Keep an eye out for this flier (inked) and updates as things develop!

❤ jb

Illustration featured on the Opinionator

19 Jul

The Post-College flowchart that I drew for Shareable’s Share or Die e-book was used as an illustration for Allison Arieff’s Opinionator piece on workplace redesign. As a cubicle-dweller myself, I found it very interesting. Mostly I would kill for a window.

And…I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am available for freelance work.

Also, the D.C. Zinefest is coming up! Look at this great design that local artist Morgan Ward is working on:

Lastly, I am getting really excited about all the great pieces submitted for Femme a Barbe–and I can definitely take a couple more. Look at this sweet cover illustration by Deirdre M.:

More updates soon…