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Office Life.

21 Sep

This is pretty much the closest thing to art that I’ve been doing lately:

Here I demonstrate a low level ability to use Photoshop without any of the actual fonts I need.

I too can adjust contrast and skew my text!

Things are very very busy, between being an entry-level administrator and trying to break into ye olde academic side of things. I’m still working on Curmudgeon and hopefully as the year progresses I’ll have more time to work on other projects, or at least learn to stop sleeping in order to better make use of my time in order to draw things and put them on the Internet for your enjoyment. We do what we can, right.



2 May

Very pleased with this collaboration between myself and Grace Toulotte. Come hear some poetry, party people! You should also go to Buddy Wakefield’s Saturday night show at the Fridge featuring hometown hero and ultimate badass Natalie E. Illum.

❤ jb

Writers’ House shirts

8 Sep

A while back, I did some illustrations for the Jimenez-Porter Writers’ House website, and one of my drawings has ended up on a t-shirt! I love it when my art ends up on a t-shirt.

And here is an unauthorized photograph of my gorgeous friends Grace and Jihan wearing their Writers’ House shirts on a trip to the National Zoo. I stole it off of Facebook:

Also I went to the Book Thing with some other gorgeous friends of mine on Sunday and found some copies of the 2009 edition of Stylus which I designed the cover for. You know you’ve made it when your literary magazine has circulated its way to a free book warehouse in Baltimore.

And I found this gem:

❤ jb

what i’m working on right now.

18 Nov

these are banners for the top of the Jimenez-Porter Writers’ House website.

❤ j.bee

Recent publications

30 Apr

Hey folks, in the last few weeks I recieved my copy of Always Magazine, the Evil Edition.  One of my comix made it in!  Always Comix just extended their deadline for their next issue, so ‘toonists should definitely check them out.

always comix

comixAlso, the University of Maryland lit mag just came out.  I got an honorable mention for a poem, but it didn’t get published.  However, one of my sketchbook pages from this summer made it in, and I designed the cover, which was awesome.

stylus cover



There were three different colored covers, which was awesome. Sweet.  Off to work pt. II. Gonna be late.

❤ Jenna B.

p.s. I have six dollars in my bank account.  In case y’all didn’t know, I take commissions, and I sell for cheap.