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today’s diamondback cartoon.

2 Dec

i forgot i drew this cartoon, but apparently they ran it today. i’ve been feeling pretty uninspired in the political/editorial cartoon arena.

❤ j.bee

another diamondback cartoon!

12 Nov

Drew this ‘toon for today’s Diamondback…S.T.A.R.E. is “Students Taking Action to Reclaim our Education.”

I’m not really happy with the way this one turned out…the major gap between what I wanted to draw and what I ended up drawing sort of pisses me off.

❤ j bee.

hey look what the diamondback ran today!

11 Nov

a comic about how much i hate tucker max!

ha ha!

❤ j bee.

editorial cartoon thursday

5 Nov

For those of y’all that are not at the University of Maryland or follow student power news, there is some shit going down. Here’s my weekly Diamondback comic, soon to be a twice-weekly comic.

For some context, basically the University is claiming to be putting their all into this brand new Diversity Strategic Plan, which is largely bullshit, and behind the scenes they are pulling shit like firing the Associate Provost of Diversity and Equity, while continuing to slowly shave the funding off of programs in the humanities. Also they just paid $250,000 to “rebrand” the University with the new slogan “Unstoppable Starts Here,” which is universally regarded as the dumbest slogan ever.


I should have a new comic soon…

Jenna B.

porn n’ chicken

8 Oct

I was forced to resign from my Diamondback cartooning job at the end of last year, after being elected to the Student Government. This semester, I promptly quit and got my job back. It’s just way more enjoyable making fun of those in power, than actually having power. Power just confuses me.

And now I’m back in business.

❤ j bee.