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22 May

My bud Jessie Dress and I spend a lot of time perusing fashion on the Internet and we were both intrigued by the whole detached collar trend. I experimented and made this for her out of a shirt in my giveaway pile and some plastic sew-on gems from the craft store:

Basically I just cut the collar off the shirt and went at it. It’s really easy and fairly rewarding. I think Rookie has a more comprehensive how-to, and probably a more cohesive vision. But if there’s one thing I know about Jessie Dress it’s giant gems.

Speaking of which, we started an actual fashion blog. Oh dang.

Gossip Girl.

How to make a mini-zine

11 May

I don’t think I ever posted this here–the directions for mini-zine making from our pop-up library. I think it’s an improvement on my directions from last year. While I was looking for that post I realized that I used to review zines…maybe I should do that again?

Make a mini-zine and mail it to me and I’ll review it! Here’s a preview:


Anxiety comics: talkin’ nerdy.

21 Mar

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ahts and crahfts.

4 Aug

Hey friends, I’m hanging out with B. in the PAC NW. This picture is pretty indicative of what we’ve been doing:

We’re sleeping in a tent and last night was the craziest thunderstorm I have ever experienced, involving the loudest thunder ever. The tent was leaking onto our heads in a unique form of water torture and we woke up from about an hour of sleep feeling soggy, but our spirits were lifted by coffee and biscuits with gravy. Also the show The Young Riders, which is my new favorite.

Also I’ve been making cards using scraps of paper (thanks mostly to Prof. Jo Paoletti) and wood glue (that’s what is lying around B.’s dad’s house).

This one is for B.’s sister:

And this one is for a friend back home:

I made these before I left:

I’m thinking about adding sassy little sayings to them…

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The D.I.Y. Guide to Facial Hair.

1 Oct


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Just an update.

30 Mar

So I got put on leave by the Diamondback because I’m running for the Student Government Association at my school.  I feel weird about being involved in political stuff but the whole idea of our campaign (Student Power Party) is that we’re organizers, not politicians, so I guess I can rep that.  I’m kind of bummed about not doing the DBK toons for a while, but maybe it will give me time to do some longer, in color stuff, which I have been dreaming of.  I designed this cute turtle dude (altered slightly by Mr. Robert Hayes, campaign coordinator):


I also just dashed off this flier for an event coming up in the UMD Pride Month, which DC/Maryland folks should check out.  The Shondes are great:


I got my wisdom teeth out Friday…bought The Complete Hothead Paisan: Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist as recovery reading and did not feel very relaxed. They’re kind of bothering me so I’m going to pass out and hopefully be less achey in the morn.  Although it’s like 5 am now…Fail.