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Summer in the city

19 Jun

Lately I’ve just been carrying around a watercolor set, sketchbook and a paintbrush and busting out sketchy little comics and doodles whenever I have a moment, not really about anything. My fingers are itching for when I have time to work on bigger things!

I’m also still blogging over at Lazy Femme, and am in the process of doodling these little “Dear Abby” heart author portraits. They aren’t very consistent so far, but I do like both of them.



11 Jun

I just got back from a week in Tennessee and Kentucky, which I wrote a little bit about at Lazy Femme. From an art perspective, it was amazing having a weekend at Ida with some of my greatest heroes and buds, feeling inspired and challenged to push harder and try new things. I’m mostly going to be sketching for the next month, flexing my watercolor and life drawing muscles to build up to a couple of new projects.

Sketching with my buds at Ida. Photo by Jessie Xander.

Jessie and Jacob before lunch.

The other night I watched an entire season of Game of Thrones while filling my sketchbook with those swirly things. I used to fill notebooks with those things during class. Call it meditation.

Home, watching Game of Thrones and sketching pelicans.

I’ve also been making a lot of friendship bracelets which I suppose I’ll post about soon enough.


hypochondria or diabetes

2 Dec

❤ jb

Anatomy of a schlub.

24 Sep


Sad empty mailbox.

20 Sep

If you need my address, comment with your infoz.

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just a doodle

18 Nov

back to work…
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