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Reality (Bites).

6 May

This is actually what life feels like right now.

Arizona immigration law SB1070 (is racist)

5 May


Itawamba Gay Prom

7 Apr

Did y’all hear about Constance McMillen getting sent to a fake prom? I didn’t really care that much about the whole controversy until I heard that madness. What the helllllll.

Today’s Diamondback Cartoon

30 Mar

In which J.Bee Darling has a swan-like neck, and is talking to a calculator.

❤ j.bee

Mad Tea Party in the Diamondback

24 Mar

Teabaggers: Functioning in an alternate reality.


p.s. Join the cocktail party!

Another Diamondback cartoon.

4 Mar

I have some sweet brofantasys. I’m having one of those nights where I stare blankly at my computer instead of doing work.



Pat Robertson is a clown.

3 Mar

That’s really all I’m trying to say with this cartoon.

Also I drew this cartoon between getting my ass beat in bowling, which was amazing fun. Later today I’ll post some stuff from my sketchbook. Word on the wind is that the weekly comics trade with Guy Friday is being revived. Also, thanks so much to folks who have given me feedback on Femme a Barbe so far–if you’ve read it, totally drop me a line and let me know what you think and what you want to see in Vol. 2!



To loosely quote Erin: “The chupacabra isn’t even Chilean, it’s Mexican.” Folkloric demon fail. Also, thanks again for the bowling. ❤