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Curmudgeon on Etsy

20 Jan

To celebrate the 25th post on Curmudgeon (not counting guest comics), Foster and I are doing a sale on original artwork. Any Curmudgeon strip can be yours for only 25 dollars! If it’s not listed on Etsy just message or email me. These are not prints, these are originals, complete with blood, sweat, tears, and coffee stains.

Help us keep our lights on!

❤ jb

Femme a Barbe 3 on Etsy

7 Aug

Femme a Barbe 3 is now available on Etsy. There are also a couple copies over at Red Emma’s in Baltimore!


New Femme a Barbe!

1 Aug

30 pages, 12 contributors. Cover art by Deirdre M. It’s a really great issue, and I will be listing some on Etsy soon! I had a bunch but they all found new homes at the D.C. Zinefest on Saturday.


Get Sassyfrass #7 Today (If You Want)!

25 May

Sorry for the blurry picture, I know you like my khaki sheets. The real point is, you too can be a proud owner of a very limited number of Sassyfrass Circus #7! Get ’em while they’re hot from Etsy. Inquire within if you want to trade and/or review.

“Sassyfrass Circus #7 features 26 pages of comics, flowcharts and rants covering topics that vary from cicadas to idiopathic hirsutism. Rave reviews include “This is barely coherent in a good way” and “it needed more comic representations of me”. Made in one cheese-fueled sitting with a circa-1970s Adler cursive typewriter, a fairly functional printer, and some scraps of paper. Half size, black and white, pretty amusing and a perfect length to read on the toilet.”


p.s. Sassyfrass Circus is not for profit and all monies go towards printing and postage costs, and occasional other supplies like tape, staples and oh so much rubber cement.

What I mailed today

12 Apr

If you have ordered a zine you will be getting it so soon! Also I think I’m fairly up-to-date with all my penpals, but if you’re waiting on a letter from me, please let me know!

❤ jb

Sassyfrass 6

19 Dec

Jen(ny) Ambular posted a review of Sassyfrass 6 on her Tumblr.

So now I am making Sassyfrass 6 available on Etsy! Get ’em if you want ’em.


Black Friday dealies.

26 Nov

Yo folks, if you order Femme a Barbe 1 today or tomorrow from my Etsy, I will throw in Femme a Barbe 2 absolutely free!

❤ jb